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Stokes Croft China

January 15, 2011

Stokes Croft China is a PRSC company based in Stokes Croft.

When Staffordshire’s once proud Ceramics Industry drifted into terminal decline, due to the forces of globalisation, we had the foresight to purchase containers of Fine Bone China whiteware from the closing factories, and we also acquired the contents of the last major independent decorating factory in Stoke, Broadhurst Bros. of Burslem.

Using print, some of which is already fifty years old,  that was destined for landfill, and English China ware, some of which is no longer manufactured, we produce unique china ware that some have described as “Royal Doulton on Acid”.

By combining historic print with digital technology, our work force of locals, volunteers and ex-addicts produce unique and exquisite china ware that is avowedly political in design and attitude.

By manufacturing the most beautiful ware, we attempt to ensure that our china is treasured and therefore lasts longer.

All profits go towards fullfilling the Mission of PRSC.Above: Soviet Propaganda Plate

Above: Mugs made for TDPF, a Bristol-based organisation
seeking the legalisation and regulation of all drugs.

An English Fine Bone China mug, part of the campaign
to ensure that supermarkets do not dominate our food sourcing.

We make beautiful and unique ware from the shards of Staffordshire’s Ceramics industry.

We acquired one small kiln from a Bone China manufacturer in Stoke.
We also acquired a large custom built kiln, designed by and for Hans Coper,
one of the pre-eminent studio potters of the 20th Century.

Above: Coper’s kiln craned into its new home in Stokes Croft.

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