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As befits a studio pottery, we have a roster of decorators, each developing their own style, informed by their take on the ware and prints. Each decorator has their own mark which identifies the ware they produce. Not all Stokes Croft China Ware bears a decorator’s mark.

below are past and current decorators’ marks.

  • Katy Bauer
  • Richard Corlett
  • Jamie Gilman
  • Sammy Hallett
  • Jenny Howard Coles
  • Sophie Howard
  • Liz Krcma
  • Chris Chalkley
  • Jake Smash-Smith
  • Rosie Vickers 
  • Flora markfinalflorakeen
  • Bev Milward bevmarkmaster
  • Kay Poster kaypostermark2
  • Scot Burgoyne potmarkScotburgoyne

Traditionally, the potter’s mark is found on the base of the ware. However, the potter’s mark can take greater prominence on Stokes Croft China ware.parkie_tpotweb


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