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Fancy Bogs

Fancy Bogs is part of Stokes Croft China.We now decorate sanitary ware to order, using the historic lithographs we saved from destruction when the Staffordshire Potteries were ravaged by the forces of globalisation during the last ten years. The ware shown here is decorated with 1960′s Wedgwood print.

Decoration by Sammy Hallett

By the use of digital ceramic print, almost anything is possible. The print below was designed in-house,
commissioned after discussion with the client.

Sink Detail

This is the first close coupled toilet we have decorated.

Lithograph Detail Below, in line with the PRSC ethos.


Flora combined prints from the 1960s, 70s and 80s with her own stars to produce an eye-catching piece for George Jones and Brothers to celebrate the first 100 of their business, established in 1914 at 1 -7 Lower Ashley Road, BS2 8QA.








The perfect vessel for a Technicolor yawn...

The perfect vessel for a Technicolor yawn…





Detail showing Flora's mark

Detail showing Flora’s mark


If you are interested in a bespoke loo, please contact us

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